"...Not designed for the one that wants to look like everyone else..."


James 113 Creative Fashion Designer with an Experimental  appeal  and a Deconstructive style since 1983


J. Klein . "Great clothing and an even better time. A One of a kind unique store with great hospitality. The fabric is something I’ve never seen before. Definitely recommend shopping here!  ( ***** in Google)

Gabriela Muska.   "Awesome place! Look out for this designer his stuff is one of a kind! Love the pieces!   ( ***** in Google)

Amit Siama.  "Very unique pieces and the vibe of the store is awesome. 10/10 would recommend checking out if you’re ever in the design district!  ( ***** in Google)

Scarlet Coromoto.  "Love this small boutique, got here on my way to Mandolin and found the designer hand painting a leather Jacket, got me one they are awesome, and one of a kind, you don't see this type of places anymore. Love it...! ( ***** in Google)

J. Diaz.   "Found this small designer on my way to Mandolin, great costumer service, very European, check it out... (***** in Google)

Mao Spa.   "Cool place the designer actually was the one who helped us.Can wait to come back!!!!!🙏🏻 ( ***** in Google)

Waleska Marquez.   "Finally a unique and incredible Clothing Store in Miami ! You don't have to travel anymore to London or New York to find original pieces . Simple Spectacular ...  ( ***** in Google )

Jessica Levi.   "Awesome place, has a very nice Soho vibe. Clothes is lit...  ( ***** in Google )

James 113 7580 NE 4 Ct. . Miami Fl. 33138 - 954.478.3941 - Located in Ironside Miami